FaceBook #Like

So I need to let this out as it’s been on my mind…

Isn’t it annoying when you have 400+ “Friends” on Facebook and you post a variety of stuff inc: news, information, photos etc and people just don’t “comment” or “like”. I mean aren’t these people supposed to be your “friends?”.

Well the thing that triggered me off, was when I recently posted this link, about signing a petition to stop the ongoing Rape and dangers women face in India. After a couple of hours without even “liking” my status (to acknowledge my post) my so call relative, copied the post and put it in her own words.

Now I come from a Journalism education background and through it wasn’t some kind of plagiarism, it would have been nice if she had liked my status, as she had clearly lifted it from my wall.

It’s funny because things like this irritate me and at the same time make me laugh, but for the simple reason that there are individuals out there that do things like that and try to pass it off as their idea. I mean when I see anything I like on Facebook, I give it a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ as the person “Friend” has put it there for a reason, following the saying ‘Treat others how you wish to be treated’, it’s always nice when friends acknowledge your post.


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